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It has been awhile since my last update. I have been on a downslope of inspiration in the rollercoaster that is my Star Wars motivation, and am waiting to be pulled back up. For a few years now, I've had an idea for a book: my addition to the Star Wars expanded universe. You probably didn't know it, but I'm not the great paperback writer I appear to be. So I decided to create a web site to help me outline the process. The site contains plot summaries, character bios, pictures (where available), ships, planets, and anything else that may pertain. Other demands on my time have made it difficult to creative lately. I am confident though that the release of the ATTACK OF THE CLONES dvd will help bring me out of my funk. Please e-mail me any comments, opinions, and suggestions. So with that, welcome to my Star Wars internet page. May the Force be you...Always.

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vertical rule Mandalorian Renaissance

  1. Axis of the Dark Side
    1. Chapter One
    2. Chapter Two

  2. With a Jedi Order
    • Prologue
    1. Chapter One
    2. Chapter Two

    1. Standards
    2. Heroes
    3. Cracken's Flight Group
    4. Villains
    5. Mandalore Warriors
      • 'Skill Chief' Mora Ginn
      • Juco Dane
      • Reba Juhl
      • Boba Fett
      • Jodo Kast
    6. Miscellaneous

    1. Lahara Sector
      1. Ols N'Wot System
      2. Aga System

    1. Starships
      • Klamath
      • Antigone
      • Arc Triumph
      • Sonic Banshee
    2. Starfighters


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